Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Social climbing: Bacon with a side of Facebook

I mentioned on Facebook that I attended Social Media Breakfast Fort Wayne, and one of my friends commented that seemed a little counter-intuitive; why should social media people need face-to-face contact? And yet again this month, we proved that, as helpful and powerful as social media can be, IRL conversation and camaraderie is as much a part of 'social' as Facebook and Twitter.
The 'media,' being, in this case breakfast.
As informative and immediate as Twitter is, as powerful at relationship-building as Facebook is, nothing beats bacon for bringing people together.
It was great to hear the panel talk about how social media had changed their lives, and how they balanced personal and business accounts and interaction.
I'm still trying to decide how it went for me. A tablemate (who's a FB fan) made a comment about the way I manage social media for work. And it wasn't positive. Suddenly, the bacon, so crispy and crunchy just a minute before, felt lumpy in my tummy. As much as I enjoyed the breakfast and conversation, I muddled over the errant remark.
We may or may not make a strategic change with our FB pages because of one random comment. But even one negative comment can be starting point for a constructive conversation, and that's good.
And, anyway: bacon.

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