Friday, October 28, 2011

First Friday of the Apocalypse: What's your number

There's so much coverage of Earth's 7 billionth person that I think reporters must be out counting babies somewhere, trying to scoop each other. And there's so much negative coverage it seems the apocalypse is (ONCE AGAIN!) upon us. Is it spooky the U.N. has picked Halloween as the tipping point?
Are you feeling guilty by being one of the 7 billion? I hope so. The pending apocalypse is all your fault.
Leave it to the BBC to illustrate your  exact placement in the blame.

I'm feeling pretty special; just call me Miss 2,790,327,717. And looking at the chart, I'd say the 20th century was pretty damn good for people. Just in time for the apocalypse! Maybe even the zombie apocalypse!

Speaking of apocalypses!

Be ready for the zombie apocalypse! The CDC is!
Don't feel real optimistic about surviving it? No worries! Protect your loved ones with Frank Lesser's Living Dead Will.

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