Sunday, October 23, 2011

Best Fort Wayne: Halloweekend

Okay, it's not quite the same during the afternoon as in the old days at night. But Halloween at the Ft. Wayne Children's Zoo, daytime style, has rewards. For example, better pictures. (Fright Night Downtown, with its Zombie Walk -- on Saturday night -- might become a useful stand-in for those needing terror instead of treats.)
For the preschool and elementary-school crowd, the painted pumpkins, sweet treats, train ride and chance to wear one's mermaid costume is the best Halloween has to offer.
Strawberry Shortcake, a mermaid, Spider-girl, and a puppy walk into a zoo....
Nice effect courtesy of the Reef. No Photoshopping necessary.
One last train ride for the year.
What a great idea, Zoo! Teeny little pumpkins for teeny little people.
Uncle Matt tried to tell the puppy where to go, but she seemed to have a mind of her own.
One wacky set of sisters.
And then some spookiness happened anyway.
'Are they real?' the mermaid and Strawberry asked about the tree faces along the train ride.
Yoda there he was.

Since the grownups get shorted in the treat department, dinner and a trip to DeBrands
seemed in order, and was enjoyed by all. Talk about the best of Fort Wayne.

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