Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This way to downtown

 I've wrung the best out of a lot of days, but I don't know if I've ever wrung Fort Wayne so thoroughly, and in ways both unique, and ordinary.

Peter Facinelli
(Dr. Carlisle Cullen, 'Twilight' films)
We hit Jefferson Pointe early and got a peek at Peter Facinelli, Dr. Carlisle Cullen of Twilight series fame. We didn't pony up for the $25 autographs and $40 pictures, but I hope most of that money from the fans in the long, long line makes its way to Alex's Lemonade Stand.

I can't help but be curious how much one pays a movie star to sit by the fountain at a lifestyle center in Fort Wayne, Indiana, for an afternoon. So this one goes in the 'unique column.'

Caroline plays Upward soccer at Crosswinds Church

If you live in Fort Wayne, and you don't have a child's sporting event to attend on a Saturday, well, then not only do you get to sleep in, you get to take a nap, both.  

Since Caroline (on the right, kicking) had a 2 p.m. game, and our day started with a movie star sighting, no sleep for us. Go Hungry!

Freimann Square Taste of the Arts

The lure of 29 area fooderies, a plethora of music, and a dash of art was more than enough to get us downtown late afternoon.

Taste of the Arts took over Freimann Square and Main Street, and it was hard to know where to hit first. The band playing by the fountain? The artists on the north side of Main? 

No contest. Get your tickets and start sampling the best food in the Midwest. Baker Street, those Nacho Sashimi ... marvelous.

End Time Spasm Band performs

We listened to End Time Spasm Band, and what a strange and wonderful mix of swing, jazz and tin pan alley. People ... actually danced. Amazing. I could hardly watch the band for watching the dancers. The energy of the lead singer was so great, it even affected a Fort Wayne audience that is usually not much more than toe-tappers.

See trolley, ride trolley.

The lure of more music and, perhaps, for some members of our party, more sports led us to hop on the trolley and find more adventure. Or at least more music.

Rock. Plaza. Library. Good.

How stupid were we to not get down to this place sooner in the summer. Elephants in Mud, The Borrowed Time Band, and Unlikely Alibi played Saturday night, and wow. Awesome.

Sellout at the TinCaps;
BirdZerk &BallZerk in attendance, too

Just a short walk to the best place in Fort Wayne, where another sellout crowd ate, cheered, sang, laughed, and watched the TinCaps beat the Lugnuts on a warm and sweet summer night. All it needed was fireworks, which it had, too.

Back at the library, still rocking the plaza.

We caught the last band back at the library plaza, where the crowd had not dwindled, nor the evening. This view from behind the stage is probably the closest I'll ever be to a rock star. It seemed like it would be pretty cool. I refrained from any air guitar.

And then it's over.

Another trolley ride back to Main Street, where Dessert was wrapping up Taste of the Arts. Not sure what band it was -- whomever was playing about 10:30. I was beat, but the band sure wasn't.

Who knew that an ordinary Saturday in Fort Wayne could be so ... so ... eclectic. Diverse. Un-ordinary. Fun.

Bet you didn't believe me:

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