Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The road now taken

Finding the quiet places
on Homestead Roard
It didn't take very long, and I didn't go very far, but tonight I journeyed somewhere I'd never been: Homestead Road.
Oh, I've driven down Homestead, more times than I can count, hauling kids to and from school, going to ball games, band practices, work. My car's broken down on it, slipped and slid on it, been tailed by a cop down it because I was, yes, speeding on it. 
But until tonight, I'd never, really, been on it.
Thank you, Aboite New Trails (now part of Fort Wayne Trails) for making it possible that I could discover Homestead Road in a way I never could before: on foot, in person, up close and personal.
It's just a road -- a road with a
trail, just for me.
Able to find an unexpected quiet place between two additions, on a curvy wooden bridge over what I thought was a drain pipe under the road. 
To sit for a moment and watch the traffic go by -- cars just like mine, whooshing by, avoiding that pothole, timing the light.
To watch the sky, a messy mosaic of clouds all day, trying to break up and let some kind of sunset out from behind them.
To let a couple of bikes zoom by, a quick hi, and realize, I'd never talked to anybody on Homestead Road before.
Not a long trip, no -- three miles, round trip, my house to Homestead. I was there and back again in an hour. But I'd been somewhere I'd never been before, and that makes all the difference, when you walk a road now taken.


  1. One of my new favorite places. Best on a bike, so that you can enjoy the roller coaster on the north end. You never realize how hilly southwest Fort Wayne is until you are on a bike. I think of how many times I've been on the trails since last fall, how many places I've seen in new ways now traveling on foot or by bike, and I can't imagine our community without them. Because it's now more of a community: I can travel to the YMCA; to shopping plazas; to restaurants; to friends' houses, all on foot or on two wheels. Often with a kid or dog in tow. If only the weather would never change...

  2. This was a great read! I have enjoyed the trail along Homestead now twice on my bike and I hope to many times again.