Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What I'd write about if I had a blog

I think I'd write about the last of the Harry Potter movies. I'd say that I've found the quality wildly uneven, and would disagree with the results of this survey. I'd mention that 'Half-Blood Prince' is my new least favorite, having taken over from 'Order of the Phoenix,' which had a totally made-up scene in it. The the first two are my favorites. That I actually like Deathly Hallows, Part 1. And mostly that I contemplate seeing Part II with both dread and anticipation. Because I just. Don't. Want. The stories. To end.

I'm a reader, not a cinephile, so the movies are always going to fall short. And I'm crossing my fingers that is, indeed, selling Kindle versions of the series, because I will love carrying around the books with me everywhere I go -- having them on my Kindle, my phone, my laptops is going to be my version of Hermione's magically extendable purse.

I also think I'd write about what a cool week Three Rivers Festival is in Fort Wayne. Wow, it gets a lot of criticism. But wow, it tries to do a lot. The 3RF Parade is one of my top two favorite parades of the year (Milan Melon Festival in Milan, Ohio, being the other). The Ice Cream Social has been a favorite since the '80s. We used to take our kids to Kids Day ... and now it's our grandkids. And one whiff of Junk Food Alley is enough to make me crave a lemon shakeup and an elephant ear.

Headwaters Park hosts one festival after another. If I were in charge of the world, I'd expand those festivals with parties, concerts, craft/art shows, music, performances, (year 'round), theme them all and brand Fort Wayne as the Festival Capital of the World. But that's me.

And the last thing I'd write about is the sky last night, the way it changed all evening long, the shapes of the clouds, the kinds of the clouds, the colors that kept mixing up, deepening, fading to gray. A cloud mosaic, moving pieces that finally went to bed. But here, it was like this:

And this:

Yep. That's the kind of stuff I'd write about, if I had a blog.


  1. Just read a phenomenal review of DH2 in the NY Post. Can't wait to see it. My least favorites are Goblet of Fire and DH1. My absolute favorites are the first movie and Azkaban. If you care. :-)