Friday, July 15, 2011

A little song, a (very) little Fort Wayne dance

Urban Legend performs on Friday night at Jefferson Pointe.
One day I was spending too much time on YouTube pondering the great truths of life, and came across a video that made me think, 'this would never happen in Fort Wayne.' It shows a guy dancing by himself on a hill. Within a few minutes, somebody else joins in. And then it snowballs.

I thought about that video tonight as we listened to local band Urban Legend at Jefferson Pointe. The Friday night music there always draws a crowd, from the seniors who camp in the shade on the west side of the plaza to the young families who claim the grassy areas to the grownups with drinks in hand by the fountain.

Delaney (age almost 2) likes action, so I took her for a walk around the crowd. I was struck by two things: The number of people there. And their stillness.

I'm going to ask Lisa, my co-worker who is one of the lead singers of Urban Legend, what it's like to perform in front of a group of people who seem to be either comatose, or under the spell of Petrificus Totalus.

Fort Wayne folks: Love their music. Love it so much they don't want to move a muscle, rustle their garments, and miss a note.

There was one couple dancing near the band -- brave souls! Or out-of-towners! And unlike the video above, where one guy leads to another and another, these folks danced alone. What IS it about us that keeps us in our seats?

Well ... not everyone. Back in the cheap seats, an impromptu performance was given, which included a moment of flipflop guitar. Fort Wayne natives, these: Perhaps they've avoided the AIS gene.

Go, girls. Go.

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