Monday, July 18, 2011

Baseball and fireworks

There were two kinds of people at sun-baked Parkview Field on Saturday night -- those who love baseball, and those who love fireworks. I am confident there is some overlap.

 I'm not sure everyone appreciated the heat; indeed, sitting in section 101, with the evening's unrelenting sun in our faces, we were rather cooked by it. Some of us retired to the splashpad to escape.

Entertainment for the evening between innings was provided by 'Myron Noodleman'; unfortunately, I'm no fan of the Jerry Lewis wannabe, and judging from the wan response he received from the 7,000+ fans, I was not alone. Instead, we allowed ourselves to be entertained by perhaps the cutest almost-two-year-old in the stadium, Miss Delaney.
And, really, it's not a baseball game unless someone (like Taylor) gets a big pink foam finger.

The baseball fans among our party -- and make no mistake, they were in the majority -- enjoyed comparing the quality of play between the Single A Tincaps and the AAA Las Vegas 51s and Tuscon Padres.
As the sun fell asleep behind the stadium, meteorological conditions improved.
The game was completed rather speedily, and the Parkview Field staff was ready to amuse the waiting crowds for the hour or so before the Three Rivers Festival Fireworks Finale. Including running the bases. Twice.

Caroline used a little fluorescent magic -- and a smile -- to light the night up, pre-fireworks.

Cities work so hard to get people to their downtowns nights and weekends. Really, it takes so little. Baseball, check. Fireworks, check. Add a little music, some food, maybe some shopping -- done. We're there.

TRF is the best of Fort Wayne. For some reason, the Journal-Gazette buried this article on page eight of the Metro Section of Sunday's paper (and moving the final to Saturday -- BRILLIANT!), but read it -- Jack Hammer gets it: the festival, and Fort Wayne. 

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