Sunday, June 12, 2011

Recent Birdsong

Anthony  entering 'professional treatment.' Surprised to hear there is now specialized treatment for  stupidity. Yet needed.

No description for the color of the cloudless sky as I walked tonight.The sidewalk led me from twilight to evening....

Dear January, SO THERE. Love, June.

O Monday, I wish you were as easily thrown off / As blankets on a hot summer night.

Yesterday I was out enjoying the day, and today I'm on the inside looking out.

What  is good for: The place where you can track the insomnia of all your friends and family.

Finally the leaves | A tardy, lazy spring / A winter that won't go away / Hesitant trees, slow to fullness

Let's lash thousands of tanning beds together, tie a million helium balloons on them, and pretend it's the sun. Like in UP, only less sad!

Rain a snare-drum staccato on the skylight;birds a cacophonic chorus, strangely harmonic; the piercing-then-fading moan of the faraway train

Judgment Day | Who knew it came in May? / Even after waiting, anticipating, prevaricating / Sometimes words paint better pictures.

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