Monday, March 21, 2011

Why make this stuff up? When other people do it for you?

Just one days's headlines on

Vegetarian throws airline meal at flight attendant Because violence against animals is so wrong.

Apple criticized for OK'ing iPhone 'gay cure' app Because we should all be morose instead!

Body Odd: Knife-throwing boob job doc holds record I can't even begin to diagram that sentence.

Bird 'muzak' piped in California town Because those dang birds are just a little pitchy.

'Zombies ahead,' warns electronic road sign in SC If you're warned, what fun is it?

Sammy Hagar says he was abducted by aliens Who is this news to?

Entire Jolie-Pitt clan makes a snack run I can only hope the next time I go to Dairy Queen somebody takes my picture and I get a headline on

Martin Sheen: Charlie is 'emotionally crippled' Like fathers, like son?

Report: CB$ bigwig want $heen back

Nintendo's virtual puppies want to lick your face And give you virtual puppy diseases.

Restaurant lets diners check food for radiation I sense a visit by Anthony Bourdain.

If only we'd had a Harry Baals headline in the local section today, my news reading would have been perfect.

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