Monday, January 24, 2011

Teachers, learning, and Gov. Daniels

I watched Gov. Mitch Daniels State of the State address on Jan. 11.  Although I've supported much of his agenda (as an independent) throughout his tenure, I was rather stunned at his attack on teachers during this speech. I think the teachers are stunned, too. He waged a rather flat-out assault on teacher incompetence with the inference that our Indiana teachers are somehow to be blamed for students lack of achievement in school. Not once ... ONCE ... did I hear him mention the importance of parents in a kid's education, and the importance of PARENTS being their child's first, and best, teacher. But then if he had, he might have sounded too much like ... well, you can read it here>>

Also, in a just-released ranking, Indiana's kids are in the top half of the nation>>

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