Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our Man Mitch mentioned as prez possibility

Charles Krauthammer Tells Bill O’Reilly Sarah Palin Must Expand Policy Knowledge: "

Bill O’Reilly recently talked with frequent Fox News guest Charles Krauthammer to handicap potential GOP candidates’ chances in the 2012 presidential election. Krauthammer called Mitt Romney the front-runner” and said Mike Huckabee has established himself as a “major player”…but his most dissected comments will probably be his remarks on one Sarah Palin.

Krauthammer compared Palin’s problem to Hillary Clinton’s in the late 1990s – strong support from her core base, virulent opposition from most others. O’Reilly asked if the level of opposition to Palin is the media’s fault, and while Krauthammer said they’ve “contributed enormously” and that “the animus to her is unprecedented,” he also allowed that “she is not practiced in policy” and that the infamous Katie Couric interview was “not a ‘gotcha’ interview.” According to Krauthammer, Palin’s growth in mastering policy issues will shape her fate:

“I think if you want to expand your base, you have to get into policy even though it sounds dull.”

Krauthammer added that someone he thinks should run is Indiana governor Mitch Daniels, whom he praised as a “very smart guy” and “very nuts and bolts,” which may appear attractive to voters despite not necessarily having the charisma of others. Indeed, his description of Daniels made him sound like everything Palin, according to Krauthammer, isn’t. Video of the segment below, via Fox News.


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