Saturday, December 18, 2010

Big bookstores FAIL? Small stores WIN?

Big bookstores nearing end of their shelf life? - Business - Retail -

Won't it be funny if, with the growth of ebooks, it's the big bookstores that bite the dust, and all the little funky bookstores, with cozy coffee corners and personal service and free internet access, thrive?

I do disagree with this statement:
"If I popped you in the middle of a Borders or Barnes & Noble, you might not know what store you're in. They're basically the same store," said Mark Freiman, a senior retail consultant at Focus Management Group, who has spoken to Borders management about how to turn around the business.
I think Borders has done a MUCH better job of integrating technology in their stores. If I need help in a B&N -- just to research the name of a book or an author or to find if a book is in stock -- I have to line up at the customer service desk, and wait till one of the scarce clerks is available. In a Borders, computers are easily available, and I can look stuff up myself. WIN, Borders. FAIL, B&N.

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