Thursday, August 5, 2010

Victimized, yet victorious, over American Escrow

In March 2009, I wrote about how our escrow company--a third party we sent money to every month, and which paid our home insurance and property taxes--ripped us out of several months' payments. That post is here>>

We've worked with the Indiana Attorney General office since then, seeking restitution for the money.

Last week, our A.G. liaison called, telling us that (believe it or not) "the check is in the mail," and inviting us to a news conference to announce the settlement.

That news conference was today, and we had our 30 seconds of fame thanks to various Ft. Wayne news outlets.

Two inaccuracies in various stories: 1st, the money paid to us did not come from American Escrow; it came from a State of Indiana fund set up to provide restitution for victims of fraud. Second, victims did not "receive up to $125,000 in restitution," as one report states; $125,000 is the total amount of the fund, split between 97 recipients.

CLARIFICATION: We did receive back -- from the state fund -- 100% of the money owned us by American Escrow.

I'll post the links here.


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