Thursday, May 6, 2010

I killed the News-Sentinel

I threatened it often enough
And complained about it more.
One too many Leninger columns
So far right I felt myself
Falling off the earth--
You know, out there where
It's flat.
One too many pictures
Of pie. And Hawaiian sunsets.
And multiple generations.
And if I've read all the news
Online, in real time, already;
And if it takes five minutes to read it,
Is that worth the paper it's written on?
I like saving trees; it makes me
Want to hug them.
"Hello, circulation department?
So sue me, or question my patriotism
If the Sentinel's no longer
My cup of tea. I can't save
The newspaper industry by myself,
Not in this economy. Not when
They are aiming so carefully and deliberately
At their own feet.
Somebody wake up! The future's not in the
Press, but in the html and widget.
Most stunning? NS, I don's miss you.
Not. One. Bit.
But Journal? Keep those ads coming.
Because Sundays are worth it.

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