Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The city that saved itself with kids is now Fargo

Once upon a flood, a long, long time ago, Fort Wayne was "the city that saved itself," and a big part of that saving was "the children's crusade." Sounds like the kids of Fargo have the same kind of right stuff. Read about it on>>

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  1. Anonymous4:35 AM

    i was thinking about that too yesterday. i remember when we were on national news. schools were let out so we could go down to the coliseum to fill sandbags. teenage guys (dare i say young men) were on top of a 20/or 40 ft pile of sandbags with the waters rushing by. northside high was underwater. and elmhurst was high and dry. and now fargo is the new town saving itself and elmhust is closing.

    i'm getting old