Friday, February 19, 2010

You can't make these up

Every once in awhile, the headlines on as of 8:12 this morning are too good/bad to be true:

"Conservative activists open 'our Woodstock'"
Just think about that one for a second. Peace, love, rock and roll, and Dick Cheney.

"Alleged Alabama slayings professor 'likely insane'"
I think her husband is, too. Also the law enforcement who let her get by with her first murder. And the pipe bombing.

"'Nauseated' residents battle chicken waste lake"
I grew up near Lake Erie...and I think it's been beat by this.

"Escaped zebra captured in downtown Atlanta"
Headed for Madagascar, or at least, Macon.

"Scoop: Elton John claims Jesus was gay"
Also, "super-intelligent."

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