Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hey, Journal Gazette! How much ARE you?

Having a Friday-Sunday sub to the Journal-Gazette, I had to send Greg out to buy a copy this morning.

When he returned, he reported that the paper now cost 75 cents. At least, that's what the lady at Scott's charged him.

I checked the masthead and it still reads 50 cents. And I wracked my brains but can't remember any reports of a price increase. Not in the paper nor in the blogosphere.

So I'm left wondering if 1) the Scotts' checker made a mistake or 2) it's a stealth increase.

Then...what do I find among the pages but a subscription offer. And what a good deal. A whole year, Monday-Sunday, of the JG for just $52. WOW--great deal! Just as I reach for the phone to take them up on that, I read the fine print: "This offer is valid only for households that have not received home delivery of the Journal Gazette in the last 30 days."

Have I just missed it? Certainly the price should go up--who can make money selling a product for 50 cents a pop?

But this first-time subscriber offer--that's just irritating. Because I'm thinking that MY subscription price will probably go up.

Also, I'm wondering: Do newspaper have bad web sites--like keep people from visiting them, thinking they will buy hard copies instead? Because that's not working in so many ways.

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