Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Social media and local news

Just read this on -- How Social Media Is Taking the News Local -- and I think our own local media outlets would be well served to read, ruminate, then act.

TV seems to be jumping on the social media bandwagon lately--I've been getting Twitter-spammed by INC news updates -- but not so much from our hard copy friends at Ft. Wayne Newspapers. I was getting Journal-Gazette Facebook updates for awhile but they seem to be so spaced out I'm missing them. Don't see a Twitter feed either.

Interesting phenomena, local papers. I think I'm about to cancel at least one of them. By the time I read it, I know all the news AND the commentary. And, I think, anytime some local editor's idea of "hyper-local" is a) running a picture of someone's PIE (I will never recover from that, News-Sentinel) or 2) running pictures of people's vacations in Phoenix, Arizona (really, NS, who cares except the people sending the pictures? And you're going to sell, what, two copies of the paper to them?)

And don't even get my started on The Rant, which should be ripped from the pages and shot at dawn.

But obviously some newspapers are getting hyper-local (which, ironically, we used to have--i.e. Prepsports and Neighbors [old iteration, not present]).

I put off cancelling my subscription for altruistic reasons. But my finger's on the dial.

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