Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fort Wayne No. 45 in Children's Health "100 best places to raise kids"


The 100 best (and worst) places to raise kids
You and your kids call it home, but how does your city rank nationally?
he editors of Children's Health wanted to find where in America such places existed and how we can make the communities we live in today more like that ideal, so we embarked on a comprehensive statistical analysis to rank 100 noteworthy American cities scattered across the country. We considered more than 30 factors that parents deem vitally important, including crime and safety, education, economics, housing, cultural attractions, and health. (See the criteria used.) When we crunched the numbers, these were the cities that best complemented family life....
Read it all here--Ft. Wayne is #45>>

P.S. We outrank Indy.

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