Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Suburban living (Or, will Major Moves permanently disrupt my life?)

Just a quick update for those of you worrying about the progess of the SR14 project. All none of you who don't live near it.
I came home from work (in Huntington) on SR9, the SR14. And what had happened but the traffic pattern was changed today--no longer do we look down from the height of old 14 to the newly paved lanes. Now we're looking up from the new asphalt to the old.
I didn't travel all the way down to Hadley -- rather, turned into Deerfield to go home -- but my trusty traffic reporter told me that traffic at Hadley was a mess. Like it wasn't before.
I'm sure the new CVS--grand opening, last weekend (thanks for the freebies, CVS!) -- and the new liquor store (haven't been there, but I'm not anticipating the same level of generosity) are just thrilled with the degree of difficulty to enter their respective parking lots.
Between the work on 14, the new construction on Covington for Aboite New Trails (yea!), repaving work everywhere...I'm thinking I should be packing a tent in the car in case access to my addition is cut off.
Lord, save me from suburban life.

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