Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Traffic patterns: Don't go there

I suggest not driving west on SR14, it's just a mess, the traffic backs up sometimes from the light at Hadley Road to Menard's.

And speaking of that, avoid Hadley Road at all costs--it's closed between Illinois and Covington.

Oh, and speaking of Covington, I'd avoid it, too--the traffic is backing up like crazy at the light at Hadley and then on in to Time Corners, with Hadley being closed and Illinois a mess, it's the detour. It's taking me ten minutes to get out of my addition, sometimes.

Oh, and speaking of getting out of additions, do not try got get out of Deerfield through the SR14 exits, you need an all-terrain vehicle.

Oh, and don't try go cut through the addition off of Illinois near Hadley, there are signs, plus Dan will get mad at you.

And if you were thinking of taking Bass, let me just warn you, it's really busy and people are driving like it's the Autobahn. At least the cows don't cross anymore there where Scott tees into it.

Oh and speaking of Scott, cars are backing up at the light at Illinois, because the intersection is so messed up, and at the stop sign on Bass, because Bass is so busy.

And speaking of Scott, don't try getting out of any of the Westchesters, because it's busy because Hadley is closed.

Pretty much what I'm saying is, you can't get there from here. For another year.

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