Monday, June 8, 2009

Field boxes, little waitresses, and my dinner. Oh and the wine

So to clarify a Tweet I sent last Thursday night as the TinCaps played the Lugnuts, which questioned the competence of the Parkview Field wait staff. Or even the necessity of it.

Terrace seating was sold out, so we ponied up for the $36-a-table field seating down the left-field line. Our table was the very top row, on the lower concourse, just down from the concession stand. GREAT location.

The section was probably about half full, or maybe less.

We wanted dinner, so we started looking around for our waitress. I thought I'd seen one down on a lower level, but in retrospect, I think I was hallucinating.

Because I didn't see a waitress wait on anyone in that entire section ALL NIGHT. Despite hints that perhaps some people would have liked to be waited on.

Just because I didn't see any waitresses waiting on anyone, doesn't mean I didn't see any waitresses! No! I did see waitresses!

Matter of fact, I could have reached out and TOUCHED the waitresses...AND their supervisor.

For they were all standing behind us, on the concourse, just talking. Three waitresses PLUS a male supervisor of some type. Talking. For a LONG time. Holding electronic order pads, which might as well have been bricks. For all the good they did the customers.

God knows, we tried to get waited on. And by doing more than looking hungry and pitiful, too.

First, we beckoned one young lady over and asked about being waited on. Although she had been chatting it up for some time, she did NOT volunteer to take our order. She DID tell us our waitress was "Rachel" and that "Rachel" would "be here soon." And went back to talking.

With no "Rachel" in sight.

One of the chatters, er, waitresses, was actually a Former Neighbor of ours. We said HI to her, and also asked about what could or couldn't be ordered from the tables...ixney on the wine, it seems. Self-serve only. And we asked her about the whereabouts of "Rachel." Not only did Former Neighbor not volunteer to serve us, she did not know "Rachel's" location, either.

After a decreasingly hopeful 20 minutes, no "Rachel" in sight, we gave up, spread out among various food venues, and waited on ourselves. All the while, the Gang of Four chatted it up behind us.

Seriously, TinCaps, what is the use of this? Three waitresses and a supervisor within spitting distance of us for the entire game, and not one, "Can I help you?"

I could have taken 15 minutes and trained 'em better than that. If they were watching us serve ourselves, maybe we did train them.

And really? I don't think there was any "Rachel."

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  1. Sheila10:26 PM

    Sounds like McDonalds lost some of it's staff to the Tincaps? Rachel is still waiting for you at Central Perk to take your order. ;)