Friday, June 5, 2009

Boom boom pow at Parkview Field

Can't believe they shoot these off from the middle of the field.

UPDATE: Our first fireworks night of the year. We'd been wondering from where the pyromations would be shot. Didn't take long for us to discover: right from the middle of the flippin' field. Comes an all-terrain-mobile pulling a little trailer right after the last out, three guys in attendance, sets up right in the middle of centerfield. Tarps protecting the grass around. NOTHING protecting the spectators around.

As usual, the fireworks were great, but I did feel, well, vulnerable.

A couple more snaps.
A storm trooper visited us on the terrace.
The little girls find the decibel just a little too high.
 Right. In. The. Middle. Of. Center. Field.

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