Saturday, May 9, 2009

The News-Sentinel may have lost another subscriber

The Rant sometimes makes me want to cancel my News-Sentinel subscription (and also move far, far away from Allen County, Indiana), but this guest editorial may have finally put me over the edge. This is simply irresponsible journalism.


  1. That guy is a whiny baby...according to him I'm a slug or sloth...may I suggest a subscription to the Journal-Gazette? (No I don't work for them, haha...I was just told they were the more democratic of the two papers).

  2. Sheila9:23 PM

    The Journal Gazzette (AM PAPER - ONLY ONE I bother with) has always been a Democratic or left based paper, while the NEWS Sentinel has always been a far right wing paper for the Republican party. The Journal seems to use a little more common sense than the News Sentinal so perhaps you just want to change when your paper is delivered.

  3. Anonymous6:44 PM

    As the subscriber base for the N-S keeps on dropping, it may be expected for their articles to get further-and-further on the fringes, as their own staff has less-and-less time for thoughtful journalism (vs. just ranting, like this article, which one can find easily on a number of blogs) - and will just accelerate the N/S fall. Sorry to see you go N/S, because that will make keeping the other paper going more difficult...