Wednesday, April 8, 2009

whatzup: Absolute best read in Ft. Wayne

Folks, and especially complainers, if you're not reading whatzup, you should be.
I picked one up today and was shocked -- SHOCKED -- to discover the tab has been around 12 years!
I said complainers there in the first sentence, and by that I mean, those folks who like to say, "There's nothing to DO in Fort Wayne!"
Because one read of this weekly newspaper will convince you that's there's plenty to do.
Published by AD Media, Inc., on St. Mary's Avenue, Doug Driscoll is the publisher, Bonnie Woolums is the office manager and Chris Hupe handles advertising. I don't know these folks ... but they do an awesome job, and show a respect, familiarity, and love for Fort Wayne not seen in some of our better-known media.
Pick one up in lots of restaurants and other venues ... I even find them in Huntington!

P.S. Your web site could use some work, call me if you need a web editor.

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