Monday, April 13, 2009

Vera Bradley marathon training

So I read today that over 18,000 people have already registered for the Vera Bradley sale.
This would include my two sisters, who are VERY excited to come.
I've shopped the Vera Bradley sales before, but never realized just how many people I was up against.
Now that I know, I'm going into training. Walking. Weight-lifting. Carrying large amounts of fabric around while talking on a cell phone.
I'll be practicing my math skills, to better guesstimate just how much I've spent as I heave item after item into my bag.
I'll stand up for long periods of time, shuffling forward occasionally, to approximate standing in the line to check out.
Oh, and I'll be practicing quick decision-making: Capri Blue hipster, or backpack? Five little wallets, or checkbook covers? A Vera t-shirt, or the p.j. pants?
I've warned my sisters: You've never seen anything like this. I've tried to tell them about the parking lot of cars, the looooonnnngggg tables of product, the masses of ladies, some pushing strollers (which may have babies, or product, in them), some with dazed-looking spouses trailing behind, some on cell phones, some sitting on the floor sorting enough Vera items to stock several small speciality stores.
I've tried to tell them about the check-out maze that ends in about 1,000 cash registers.
But I know, until they walk into the Coliseum, they won't really feel the full force of quilted nature that is the Vera Bradley sale.
Good luck finding me, I'll be in training.

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  1. Sheila11:54 PM

    I have never done this... of course I love purses and have a purse fettis, but I'd rather go to JCPenny's and shop their purses. Call me crazy.