Sunday, April 5, 2009

Saturday at Parkview Field: Winning one girl over

Saturday about 11, we found ourselves downtown for the first visit to Parkview Field. Regular readers may remember that 1) While being a big baseball family, we questioned the advisability of abandoning a stadium that was still usable and 2) naming a team TinCaps, aka, PotHeads.
I may have had my mind changed: not by any slick marketing, not by any corporate fuzzy talk, not by any public official rah-rah.
Rather,  by one beautiful baseball field.
Just, wow. I don't think I'm exaggerating too much when I say I got a Jacob's Field kind of feeling when walking about the concourse for the first time, and especially around the main entrance area--it reminded me so much of the way you walk into Jacob's above center field.
This is one first-class place.
Time being of the essence, we didn't take the tour, so didn't get to see the locker rooms, offices, etc. Hopefully we'll get a chance another day.
But we did walk all the way around, down to field level, back up to the concourse, even to the area up by the absolutely huge sign, where it looks like bleachers will be.
We ducked into the new TinCaps shop, where I'm sure I will break down and spend too much money on pink TinCaps tees for the little girls -- hey, there are really cute; also, big bouncy baseballs, soft TinCaps logo baseballs, and of course a real hardball logo baseball for Julian's collection and a t-shirt or two. And remembering the hole-in-the-wall place at the old stadium, I felt like I was at the mall.
The first afternoon game is on Angela's birthday, and some plans were tentatively made, if tickets can be had--not me, I've got to work, unfortunately. 
Also, as much as I like the stadium, I hate baseball in cold weather, and don't plan on breaking my rule (No bad-weather game attendance unless someone I love is playing). And baseball in April is mighty iffy.
But I did find a spot that I could set up camp in. Oh, no season tickets this year due to previously posted, unfortunately continuing, spousal employment issues, but just daydreaming a bit, I took a picture of the space I'd pony up for. Last table down the third-base line, lots of room for the little girls to play, great sight-lines:

Out of the wind, too, at least this day.
One last picture, the view from right center:

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