Thursday, April 9, 2009

Living on the edge...on SR 14

I SHOULD have a picture ... but since it's hard enough just to drive down SR 14/Illinois Road without distractions, we shall have to do without pictorial representation.
Because it's just what I've been dreading for two years...a mess. Just a construction mess. And the part from where I exit from Deerfield...and there's a five-foot drop off the side. Wow. I see THAT in my nightmares.
But hey! At least there is some new construction. As if we NEED a CVS, but there you go. It's new. And what else shall be moving into whatever it is being built right next to it.
And I'm wondering...does anyone know...what's going on just east of the stoplight at Timberlake Trail? That big field that has never been developed to the east of Timberlake? It is an addition (hardly seems possible) or retail, office...? Anyone know?

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