Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hey Indiana's 'Newscenter' -- Get in the moment

Like, this weekend's moment, not last's.
Had Channel 33 on briefly this morning. Jason Myers was giving a "commercial break" kind of weather update. For tomorrow, he called for "rainy and 52."
Now, that got my attention, because I'd been monitoring the weekend weather all week, in dread of just such an occurrence--certainly last Sunday's weather left a little to be desired.
And all the forecasts I'd seen had called for at least partly sunny skies, slight chance of a shower, and a high around 80.
Including Indiana Newscenter's own web site.
So I checked The Weather Channel,,, and NWS.
Just as I suspected. Every forecaster agreed on the near-80, slight chance weather scenario.
We were victims once again of the incompetence of INC. It's bad enough that we natives are subjected to hashed over news and incorrect information. But what must a visitor think!
I thought the only good thing that came out of the channels 21/33 merger might have been '21Alive' folks might have improved the product of channel 33. Instead, the opposite has happened.

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