Wednesday, April 22, 2009

'Giant mystery blob found near dawn of time'--Just the kind of headline I can't resist

It's an AP story I saw on A giant mystery blob. Found near the dawn of time.
The last time I had an experience with a giant mystery blob, it involved three preschool girls and four tubs of Playdoh. Of course, this was not the first mystery blob I'd encountered, having experienced a very lively childhood with many 'mystery blobs,' (paper mache and certain bathroom sink messes come to mind),and of course while raising two active kids (ditto) but I'm betting that the blob found at the 'dawn of the universe' is Play doh. Or at least I hope not.
And just how does one find 'the dawn of time'? I know, I know, big orbiting telescopes, blah blah, but seriously. How does one really know one has found the 'dawn of time'?
And astronomers have named the blob. "Himiko." A Japanese queen--hopefully not of the blobby persuasion. Perhaps a Play Doh lover?
Read the whole story here>>
I'm keeping a better eye on all the Play Doh around here, you betcha.

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