Monday, April 20, 2009

Do newspapers want to stay in business, or what?

If I'm a struggling evening newspaper--say, a newspaper like the News-Sentinel of Fort Wayne, IN--what's the first thing I should do?
Maybe, make sure people actually get their papers?
Because ever since the new printing presses were installed, my newspaper delivery has sucked worse than that new Kelly Clarkson song.
No paper again TONIGHT.
Where is it? Late because of printing problems (again?!) or because of shoddy delivery service? I'll probably never know.
Last time this happened, I was mad enough to call, and a woman, with a car full of kids, delivered it a half-hour or so later (she was not my regular carrier).
And I felt terrible, because I assumed she had to make an extra trip and haul all those kids out with her.
So I've kind of given up calling for non-delivered papers, not needing the guilt.
Not that there's always much to the paper, especially on Mondays, but still: I miss it, old habits dying hard and all that.
If only the web site did not (also) suck in the same way as the aforementioned K. Clarkson song...I'd just read everything online, as I do everything else.
But I hate visiting -- that video ad that automatically plays seriously annoys me.
The irony of all this? When I go on vacation, I can't get the papers to STOP!
And just one more irony, one Monday morning I had a Journal-Gazette in my newspaper tube ... and we're only supposed to have weekend delivery.

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  1. Sheila10:43 PM

    My guess is someone is stealing your paper. I saw one of my neighbors doing it a few years back and with the economy the way it is.. when you call into the paper the person responsible for that area's carriers usually has to bring it out to you and the delivery person will be docked for the cost of the paper. Who knows though maybe it was the delivery person's fault. I wouldn't sweat it. You paid for it and were entitled to your paper.