Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cathy's TinCap wrapup

From the Sports Desk at Common Sensibilities Central, a concise review of the state of things of Parkview Stadium.

Opening night.
Theme of the night, besides the great experience: I'm hungry. I think I'll go wait in line for three innings.
Back at the Orchard, Saturday afternoon, this might be the best seat in the stadium, and I had it. Except for that railing to keep people who fall down the step from tumbling onto the field. Easy to get spoiled by wait service and nice bathrooms (see below).
Tied into the 10th. Let's use the great big sign to instruct the crowd.
Wizards TinCaps win!
I tweeted my minor criticisms of the stadium/experience last night, and in the spirit of the long tail, share them here also:

#tincaps Oh yea Why not have a info sheet of places to walk to after games? Like for dinner or drinks. Cheap and effective marketing for DT.
8:42 PM Apr 18th from web
#tincaps One more thing, how about scrolling the MLB scores on one of the outfield signs? Cos I still don't know the Yank/Tribe final.
8:40 PM Apr 18th from web
#tincaps And in the TMI department, the toilets are flushing in the ladies' rooms way too's like a gross bidet.
8:39 PM Apr 18th from web
#tincaps Why the mystery about getting to the upper deck seats? I had to ask two people to find it and felt like I was in an episode of LOST
8:38 PM Apr 18th from web
#tincaps Why no ATM at Parkview Field? cos I don't really want to debit a 3-buck diet.
8:37 PM Apr 18th from web

I had forgotten just how creepy Wayne the Wizard was. Let's send him back to the keep for good.

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  1. Sheila6:00 PM

    The pictures make this look really like an attractive ball park.