Wednesday, March 25, 2009

There's more than one use for a sink hole

A massive sink hole opened on Sunday on Anthony Boulevard.
A citizen was slightly injured when she drove over the unstable roadway and nearly lost her car to Ft. Wayne's underworld.
Neighbors expressed concern that when the question was asked, "Who ya gonna call?" no city official responded. It's unknown if any phantasmagorical activity was recorded in the area after the hole opened.
It's also unknown if any untoward operatic activity has been noted in the area.
However, when asked about how soon the sinkage might be filled in, Mayor Henry took one look at the hole and commented,
"Too bad this didn't open up last year. We could have saved a lot of money digging the hole for the baseball field downtown."

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  1. Sheila11:35 PM

    Makes one feel really secure in driving around our fair city now doesn't it?