Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Play-doh is FOUND!

No time to tell the story now --  update to come -- but let's just say the story ends with Taylor and a (formerly) empty Boy Scout popcorn tin.

UPDATE: Okay, after a solid week of looking for the Play-doh all over the house, on Sunday, when the little girls were over again, I quizzed them -- gently -- about the location.

They had no clue.

However, while replacing a toy on the toy shelf, I happened to move what I thought was an empty Boy Scout popcorn tin. The tin felt heavy. As it should. Because THE PLAY-DOH WAS INSIDE IT.

One of the girls had taken the empty tin off the table last week and used it for Play-doh storage. And didn't tell me.

The good thing? The Play-doh was still pliable! They played with it, again.

But this time, I know where it's at.

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