Monday, March 9, 2009

No, Jaclyn, people never learn

Sometimes I read this blog on the Journal Gazette web site: It's by a young woman new to the city who often seems stymied by The Fort. It's called "Making Myself at Home."

Yesterday she had this to say:
"Every time I feel like I'm getting to know Fort Wayne, I do something stupid and wonder how long someone has to live in a place before everything clicks. Last week, I needed to get on 27 north. I missed a turn and somehow positioned myself on 27 south. How? Couldn't tell you.
"Do people ever know all the ins and outs of a city? A few weeks ago, a group of friends and I met for dinner at The Oyster Bar on Dupont Road. The friend who arrived the latest grew up in Fort Wayne. Turns out, she was not at all familiar with the northern portion of the city and didn't even know said restaurant existed."

Two observations:
First: No, even people who have lived here there entire lives don't know the "ins and outs." I remember one time trying to tell a person who grew up in the St. Francis area how to get to Tillman Park. I'd only lived here about 8 years at the time. The south side was as foreign to her as ... Kendallville.

Second, interesting I never see this blog mentioned anywhere in the JG print edition. If I hadn't found it by accident I've never know it existed. Just another example of poor tie-in between print and web.

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  1. Sheila3:54 PM

    I guess my brother and I are just unusual or liked to take the city tour a lot then because North, South East or West there isn't one part of this city I don't know and what I might not have ever seen, I'm sure my brother has.