Monday, March 23, 2009

An hour I'll never get back at Verizon Wireless

The bad news: I spent over an hour at Verizon Wireless at Jefferson Pointe.
The good news: They try as hard as they can to help you.
The bad news: It still takes a freaking long time to get waited on.
The good news: During my wait time, we upgraded our TV/Internet to FIOS Extreme HD package and actually saved money, plus our Internet access is 4x faster.
The bad news: My Alias is officially dead, the warranty is expired, my contacts are lost, and getting a new phone will cost me.
The good news: I am no longer cell-less, having reactivated my old Razr, all by myself, online.
The bad news: I suck at texting on it, my first text to Angela resulting in a reply from her saying only, "What?!"
The question: How long can Cathy last trying to text on a Razr? Stay tuned for details.

Also, for the curious--my cell was fine last night. This morning it was off, and when I tried to turn it on, would bring up the splash screen...try to load...go to blank screen...then splash sceen...over and over.

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