Friday, February 6, 2009

President Obama is coming to northern Indiana on Monday

H/T to Whitley County's Talk of the Town (which is one quality blog, in case you've missed it).

By Jennifer Zartman Romano

According to a press release issued by Third District Congressman Mark Souder, President Barack Obama is planning to visit Elkhart on Monday, February 9, 2009.

“I am pleased to see that President Obama is coming to Elkhart to see firsthand the devastating effects the collapse of the RV industry has had on Hoosier workers and their families,” Souder stated.

Souder has stated he is not in favor of the proposed stimulus packages and is, instead, advocating the use of TARP funds to assist the RV industry.

The Troubled Assets Relief Fund program is the $700 billion dollars authorized by the US Treasury to purchase or insure troubled assets with the goal of strengthening the financial sector.

“The TARP fund, not the proposed stimulus package, will put people back to work if the President will accept the Donnelly-Souder amendment to allow TARP funds to be used for RV floor plan financing,” the release stated. “The House has already passed the guidelines encouraging such usage, and the funding has already been signed into law.”

“We now need intelligent implementation, not another $800 billion in debt,” Souder added.

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  1. Anonymous3:51 AM

    they have been having problems up there in south bend/ mishawaka area since studebaker and bendix pulled out. and that was in the 60's. how do i know. well my parents ended up moving to fort wayne from that mess and dad worked at international harvester. guess what, they are gone from fort wayne too and soon to be from indianapolis. i am all for obama. but, right now something has got to change or give in the northern part of the state, becouse i dont see much job growth at all. i am very happy i chose to stay in the indianapolis area when i got out of the military. well, at least it worked for me so far.

    take care cathy