Sunday, February 22, 2009

Friday night at Homestead High School basketball

Back in the day, we never missed an HHS game; now we try to get to one a year, anyway. Friday night, friends were the referees, so it was a good excuse to catch the varsity game, vs. Snider.

Surrogate son Joey kept an eye on the action. 
Once upon a time, he played on this floor.

I'm a huge band fan--I'd go just for the band. 
So it was cool to have the bass-drumline perform at half-time.

The Spartans lost to the 6th-ranked Panthers, but we were impressed by the school spirit. I've attended games where one was tempted to make sure the student body--those few in attendance--was breathing. And they nicely paid tribute to Rodney Thompson, a HHS athlete who died in an car accident and was the catalyst for a "Don't Text and Drive" campaign.

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