Tuesday, February 10, 2009

About Facebook and Fort Wayne

Maybe you read the article in Time and Newsweek about the Facebook phenomena, 25 things about me, that was going around like wildfire last week.

Maybe you are on Facebook and participated.

And maybe, if you're from Fort Wayne, you  got tagged with The Fort version of the thing. Here's the list I did.

Feel free to leave your Fort Wayne thing comments in the combox!

Here's where you can list 25 things about you and the Fort!

1. I moved to Fort Wayne in 1975, just as the city was transitioning from "old Fort Wayne" to "new Fort Wayne."
2. I remember Murphy's being downtown. And Ayers. But not Wolf & Dessauer.
3. I loved Southtown Mall and we spent many, many hours there when our kids were small. Even after we moved to Aboite, Southtown was our go-to mall. Also, I forgot to mention, my first Ft. Wayne job was at Montgomery Ward. I worked there twice, in1975-76 and 1979-80.
4. I remember seeing cars with "I Gave to Save the Embassy" on them and wondering what the HECK that meant. It took a couple years before I pieced the story together. 
5. The Scott's on Decatur Road was our go-to grocery store but if I was in a hurry I'd go to Roger's on S. Anthony, because it was smaller.
5. I loved it when the 3 Rivers Festival was on the Landing, the City-County Bldg. parking lot, and Freimann Square. The best people-watching!
6. My kids were on Happy Place at least twice and we still have the videos.
7. I remember not just one but TWO additions being built on Glenbrook Square.
8. When I went to IPFW it was Kettler, Neff, library, the union ... and the TROMS! Classroom-Medical Bldg. opened during my last full semester there and it was FREEZING--something about it being heated with fluorescent lights and body heat!
9. I used to work for Bowhunter Magazine, published by Blue-J, Inc., with "world headquarters" on S. Calhoun St., just south of South Side. It was founded by four Magavox employees and was sold to a bigger publisher in 1988.
10. I also worked for Frost Illustrated newspaper for over a year, also on S. Calhoun.
11. When I worked for Bonar & Associates we had offices in the "old Wayne Hardware" building, which I think is a historic structure. It was a very dusty but very interesting building. And it was really fun working downtown.
12. When we moved to Aboite, Time Corners was our "downtown," the place where everyone shopped. Then it moved to Coventry. Now it's Jefferson Pointe.
13. Rumors about a Target coming southwest have flown since we moved to Aboite--1986. First, it was to go in where Mr. Wiggs used to be at Parkwest; then, it was going it near Village at Coventry (at the wooded corner where nothing is); then, near Menards. Of course, all were wrong, it's near JP!
14. Nothing was more fun that a summer day at Time Corners Little League when it was behind Aldersgate Church. The place was full of kids playing baseball or just playing--"cup-ball" was their favorite. 
15. We were terribly traumatized by the Osborne murders in Harrison Hill in 1983--our kids went to the babysitter and preschool near there.
16. I remember driving to IPFW in the spring of 1982 during the flood, going over the Columbia St. bridge, and the water was almost to the top--it was scary.
17. Franks on S. Anthony was our go-to place for Christmas trees and craft items; our cars got fixed at Hire's on S. Anthony (and now Hires on Illinois Road); we went to McDonald's and Hall's on S. Anthony to eat out; we went to the doctor's on S. Anthony; to Hook's on S. Anthony; and Dunkin' Donuts!
18. Shawnee Branch Library was the best.
19. We were so excited when Pizza Hut finally came south--we used to drive to E. State or Time Corners to go, and both those places seemed "so far away."
20. I remember when Target was Ayr-way and once in a while I'll find one of the kids' old books that still has a green sticker on it.
21. We'd take the kids to play at Foster Park, where I had my purse stolen once by kids on bikes (I heard them laughing). And got my purse back, found by some nice teenagers.
22. When I worked downtown, I loved walking to ... a salad restaurant that was on S. Calhoun (I forget its name), and the Hallmark store. Or to a Chinese restaurant that used to be there. Or just to somewhere on the Landing.
23. I used to ride my bike to work from Southtown Villa Apartments on Decatur Road ... until my bike got stolen off the patio.
24. During the Blizzard of 1978 we were snowed in almost a week and relied on WOWO and WFFT-55 to fill the lonely, coooolllldddd hours. And it was COLD.
25. We loved watching Homestead H.S. win gymnastics state championships in the '80s (my boss's daughter was on the team) and then band state championships in the '90s (our own kids performed).
26. Icey the Eagle Rocks.

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