Thursday, January 22, 2009

Northeast Indiana Public Radio selling classical signal

I know some WBNI listeners who are going to have a classical cow.
Some NIPR listeners have already received their letters (not me) but it's available online by clicking here.
In short, NIPR's three analog stations are immediately FOR SALE, with classical programming being available streaming online and on digital radio. 
I find the letter slightly precious in its proclamation that: "If time had allowed, we would have enjoyed talking with each of you personally as we introduced these changes.  We’re grateful for your continued support as we move forward to ensure that public radio remains an important and thriving part of community life in northeast Indiana."
This seems a decision that must have been under consideration for some time--NPR having announced layoffs and program cuts weeks ago. I think we can read that quote as really meaning, "We know listeners are really going to be pissed off, but we had to do to this anyway."

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