Friday, January 16, 2009

Keeping on our week's tech theme, here's some bad habits to break

Eight bad tech habits to quit in the new year - Tech and gadgets-
"Bad habits are hard to break. But as 2009 ushers in a new year, it's time to usher out some of our bad technology-based behavior.

"After all, tech moves forward at a rapid rate, and so should we. Yes, I know, some of these habits are awfully difficult to say goodbye to. They’re comforting and familiar, like a blanket that keeps us warm in the coldest depths of our digital lives. But look at it this way, the next 12 months will provide us with plenty of time to embrace a fresh batch of bad habits."

My top two:1) For safety, texting while driving--don't do it! You're a hazard! And 2) For annoyance level, people who think they are leaving the first comment on a blog post and write nothing except, "First!" Because lots of times they are NOT first.

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