Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I love it when Indiana folks are featured on the main page of

QUINCY, Fla. - An investment manager who staged a plane crash to evade the law was barely conscious and muttered the word "die" when federal agents found him bleeding from a slashed wrist, an investigator said Wednesday. Full story here»

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  1. Anonymous10:32 PM

    you know i live in indy and this was my off day from work. so i have seen this on the tv almost all day long. at first i just thought oh, local man goes nuts. then i saw it on national tv. i about died. and what do i think about all this. what this man done? well pretty much nothing. see, this type of man would have walked passed me in castleton square mall a few years ago thinking him and his family were all soo perfect and thumbing his nose at me. and why do i say this? well i am a chubby middle age woman that shops with her work clothing on. not really the best look. then i have my daughter, dont get me wrong i love the hell out of my daughter. but, alot of people from "his" type of area in indianapolis are still racist. so my black child and me looking like the begger woman would make him thumb his nose. makes me like it so much better in my "hood" area of indy. 38th and shadeland area. at least we dont try to kill innocent people with an airplane, then try to kill ourselves too after all that. yea, some may be a little unsavory but the last time i knew of anyone running from the law they werent trying to take everyone out with them and killing themselves too. whooo whoo at least i got the normal criminal. lol

    by the way great blog.