Monday, January 19, 2009

Good-bye to the Decatur Road Scotts

From the News-Sentinel: "The first Scott's store, 5300 Decatur Road, a landmark in southeast Fort Wayne for more than 50 years, will be closed Feb. 14 as part of the Kroger Co.'s reorganization of Kroger and Scott's stores in the region." (News-Sentinel story here.)

When we moved to Fort Wayne in the '70s, and lived on Farwood Drive just off Decatur Road, the Scotts on Decatur was our go-to place for everything, from groceries to check cashing. (Wow, there's a trip in the way-back machine--I don't even write checks anymore, much less need to cash one at the grocery.)

The cornucopia was the landmark of choice for telling people how to get to our house--as in, look for the big cornucopia and then turn.

When I think of that Scotts, I think of my kids when they really were little kids. Little enough that a trip with both of them (15 months apart) was an exercise in chaos control, trying to keep them corralled in a cart, as we wound our way around the big store.

And trying to keep Tony from sudden death as he tried to dart away from me across the parking lot.

I bought a LOT of groceries in that store, but it's been years since I've been there. The little kids I used to drag around the aisles are long grown up (and dragging their little kids around other Scotts stores).

We're wondering what will happen to the cornucopia? Because I don't think it will fit in over at Southgate.


After I wrote this, I got to remembering some of the other things we used to do:

Ate our ice cream at Atz; shopped at Southtown, Franks, and K-Mart; ate out at Richards, Hall's and Ponderosa; got our prescriptions at Hook's; got our cars fixed at Hires; took our walks at Foster, and McMillan. Actually, when we first moved to town and lived at Southtown Villa apartments, I rode a bike to work at Montgomery Wards. Until my bike got stolen.

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  1. Cathy:
    I had to weigh in on that today at my blog, after I commented on Leo's blog last week BETTING that THIS store would be one of "the three" that would close.

    The store has suffered somewhat since Rick Bender left as manager.

    Even most of the employess were a bit lethargic, and we saw NEW faces there all the time. Some transferred to Waynedale (where we'll probably start shopping again).
    The Southgate Kroger has too much "activity" (read crime) for MY liking.
    And the last thing one wants to be in THIS part of town is the next statistic.

    Good post.