Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The food that won't go away...Buffalo Claws

This has been covered in the local papers ... now a national PR release has popped up. I can't decide if these sound good or not ... has anyone tasted them?

Fort Wayne Company Introduces Revolutionary "Buffalo Claws®" - Uncle Eddie’s, LLC Contributes to Community While Developing Innovative Food Product - "Fort Wayne, IN, January 13, 2009
--( Fort Wayne’s newest innovation is finally available to the public. The soon-to-be legendary Buffalo Claws®, made by Uncle Eddies, LLC, a locally owned and operated company, has made its taste bud scintillating product available to the public at five local bars, restaurants, and catering services, with further expansion to come."

1 comment:

  1. I did. My waitress at Henry's gave them to us gratis a couple of months ago. Then, when we were finished, she asked us what we thought of them.

    Not particularly good. Not terrible. But probably nothing we'd order again.

    Then she told us that the owner had been put upon by a friend to test them out on the clientele. And that the responses were pretty much the same as ours.