Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eric Wedge baseball camp in Fort Wayne today at Between the Lines

 Julian, 11, is attending the Eric Wedge Baseball Camp today at Between the Lines sports facility in Fort Wayne.
Between the Lines is a first-class operation run by Caleb Kimmel, a friend of our son Tony's since Time Corners Little League and Homestead H.S. days.
Eric Wedge, Northrop H.S. grad and Wallen Baseball League alum (where Julian now plays), has been manager of the Cleveland Indians since 2002.
We met Eric last summer during Wallen's 50th anniversary celebration. He signed autographs and talked to the kids during closing ceremonies.
It's kind of funny that thanks to Eric's Fort Wayne connections, we meet him rather easily here; when we tell our families--who live in northern Ohio and are, of course, Indian fans--that not only have we seen Eric but also talked to him, they are pretty impressed. Can't get close at an Indians game!
What a great opportunities for Fort Wayne kids. Thanks to Between the Lines for arranging it and Eric Wedge for taking the time for his hometown.

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