Thursday, January 22, 2009

Do we need an official Indiana state pie? Yes we do

"Lawmakers have plenty on their plates now that they're back in session, but one legislator hopes there still will be room for dessert.
"Make that pie. Sugar cream pie.
"State Sen. Allen Paul, R-Richmond, wants his fellow lawmakers to bestow the title of "Official State Pie" on this distinctly Hoosier delicacy, which is similar to custard pie, minus the eggs.
Paul's resolution also seeks to designate the city of Winchester in Randolph County the "Sugar Cream Pie Capital."
"That would be fitting because Wick's Pies, the company believed to be the world's largest producer of the tasty treats, has, during the past 60 years, turned out millions of sugar cream pies from its plant in the community about 25 miles north of Richmond.
"The sugar cream pie is a regional thing that is fairly unique to Indiana," said Paul, whose district includes Winchester...."

I grew up in Ohio, and I never, ever heard or tasted sugar cream anything until I met Greg D's family, Hoosier natives. His aunt brought a dessert to a family reunion ... sugar cream CAKE. Sugar-high heaven.

After we moved here, I discovered the purest form of sin--sugar cream pie. Let's just dissect that a second. It's a food that includes:


Cream (cheese).

Pie (crust).

It's Indiana's best--beating pork tenderloins by far, in my estimation. 

Let's all get our priorities straight. The world may be tanking, but if we Hoosiers can eat official state sugar cream pie, it's all good.

Let your state representatives know you support this important designation!

Next week: Official state dental proclaimations, followed by our official designation as Diabetes Capitol of the World.

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  1. Anonymous4:00 AM

    i agree with the sugar cream pie. i had my first one from marsh here in indianapolis when i got back from Germany. i had never had one in fort wayne, lawton ok, germany, new jersey, new york, pa, tx, fl, saudia, iraq , belgium, france, italy or anywhere else i missed in the entire world. all i can say was OMG that stuff was fantastic. simply fantastic. i would eat it while avoiding the crust. oh, my gosh yum!!!! makes me want to go and get one. lol

    love ida