Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Criitcal of weather predictions? Read Greg Shoup's blog

It happens every winter, and usually more than once: NWS predicts "X" amount of snow or ice or whatever; we get "0." How can that happen? How can we have a "Winter Weather Advisory" or even "Warning" for hours, even days, ahead of time and then ... nothing? Conversely, how can we have NO watch or warning, and then get five inches of snow and have treacherous driving?
If you read Greg Shoup's blog, Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall, you'd know. It's all about the models. Computer weather models, that is. Seems there are more than one, and they can predict very different things.
Click through to his post for today to find out why he thinks the Ft. Wayne area will not receive as much snow as the NWS is predicting.
Into each life some rain must fall: "Snow is back into the picture here and it's a tricky little system. Let me explain my thinking by first pointing to why the weather service is forecasting a heavy snow."

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