Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cathy's Netbook Coverage: XP now, but Windows 7 later

As a new netbook owner/convert, I'm sharing links about the phenomenon.

Before I settled on the Acer Aspire, I went through two (TWO) Asus eeePCs--both of which ran Linux, and both of which crashed after automatically downloading updates to themselves. For $20 more, I got the Acer running Windows XP, and it's working great, even after downloading some updates yesterday.

The netbook is not my main computer. At work I have a Dell desktop, and at home a Sony Vaio.

I'd been reluctant to go to a PDA for years--too small, didn't do much more for me than my cell, etc. The netbook seems perfect for what I want--easy to carry between work and home, surfing, email, notetaking. Wireless, webcam, SD slot, three USB slots.

Plus I love its dark blue case.

The news story below talks about how running XP has helped fuel the popularity of netbooks.

Netbooks: XP now, but Windows 7 later - Digital Home- "Netbooks, the little laptops geared to mainly Web surfing and e-mail, have tiny keyboards, small screens — and the Windows XP operating system on many of them now."

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