Friday, December 12, 2008

What's up with gas prices?

While NPR is reporting about the low cost of gas around the country, we were shocked yesterday evening to discover that prices in Fort Wayne had jumped. Several family members had filled their tanks for $1.48 (and less) earlier in the week. But in the Lima Road area last night, prices were around $1.78.
We waited to fill up until we were closer to home. At the Speedway at Illinois and Getz, the price was $1.78, but Meijer was $1.59. (Guess where we went?)
Very strange.
And yes, we did note the irony that we were complaining about gas below $2 ... and reminiscing with no sentiment about the $4 days.

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  1. Anonymous3:52 AM

    its all 1.79 here in indianapolis north side, east side and west side. havent traveled to the south.......but, i would assume its all the same